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Black     wan Events

Let us make your event one to remember!

Dearest Ones, 

Please remember we are always here for you, just ask us and we will come to your assistance. 
Your journey may be long, but so long as your believe in Angels you will never walk alone.

Angelic Empowerment Cafe

Lillian Carriere - Certified Angel Practitioner, Certified Angel Realm, Dream & Medium/Psychic Reader!

I am Certified Realm Reader, Angel DreamsMedium/Psychic and Certified Angel Practitioner. People have known me as the Angelic Crystal Channeler, or instrument ,which means all the gifts of medium ships. 

I work as an telepathic light energy and can help you communicate by channeling for messengers of light, energy, angels and spirits and send the communicate through for you. I am a mediator that can talk to your, Spirit guides, angels and departed loved ones send back the messages. The Divine, is the only way for me to source information, of all my messages and healings intentions.

My purpose for this page is to offer you some community service by posting Anything that I am directed to posting that brings I Pray is the truth of Divine Loving Spirits in light for all.

Please feel at ease and share your experiences in lovely toxic free and respectful environment. Remembering we are a community here and connected as dignified and respectful individuals.

I offer personal readings via email, Skype,Facebook chat or video. This is with appointment for your personal reading services your needs may be. For bookings of large or small Angelic Empowerment Cafe of your own, contact my marketing manager, Andre Proulx (M) from Black Swan Events.

Blessing, Light, Love,

Crystal Dove Readings

Upcoming Events - Group Sessions

Free to attend

6:00 p.m. – Social Mixer (Cocktail party)

6:30 p.m. – Group Reading (volunteers will be asked to pick a "Flower" card to be read during the stage readings in the Angelic Epowerment Café showroom)

Topic/s for the event! Well that's the surprise! As Lillian never knows what spirits will lead her to communicate.

7:00 p.m. - $25 – Private Tarot Card Reading from Crystal Dove Readings.
This includes a 30 min reading in the privacy of one of the suites at the INN. You can bring as many in to your reading as you like. Recording devices permitted..

Included: 4 cards max.
NOTE***Mediumship not required with any reading type

For mor
e info please contact Andre Proulx (Black Swan Events) or Lillian Carriere (Crystal Dove Readings)
This month’s Theme – 

“Flower Therapy”

Come join Black Swan Events and Crystal Dove Readings at the ElegantThe Gilmour Inn – 431 Gilmour St (between Bank St and Kent St.) parking/rooms available.


-Dance in the Empowerment Café with the sounds of an awesome dj Andreas Maximus along with a surprise performance by (to be confirmed).

-Bring a dish for the potluck. Please confirm with Andre Proulx.

-Book a reading with Lillian Carriere.

Contact Crystal Dove Readings! or Join an Event. Come see what it is all about.

Some cards and event pictures!

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